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It's kind of a blah day.

Woke up this morning to fog and drizzle and that is exactly how I feel, kind of like a gray day.  I think it's because I drove over 350 miles yesterday and maybe got a little car, not sick but maybe yuck.  That's it, we'll call it Car Yuck.  

As I was driving yesterday I came up on an unincorporated town around 4:00.  People were standing at the end of their drives waving when I drove by.  I waved back wondering who tipped them off that I was coming?  LOL  Turns out no one.  The kids were trick-r-treating and those people were standing at the end of their driveways with bags and baskets of candy.  I thought that was very cute of the town.  But considering there were probably a total of 30 people in the town it wasn't a HUGE event.  Even the people at the tavern were standing in the doorway handy out treats to the ghosts, goblins, super heros and princesses.  LOL  Hope the weather is better for the kids this Friday.  Living out in the sticks is not a great place to Trick-r-Treat anyway but having it raining and foggy makes it downright dangerous here. 

Have a safe Halloween. 

I'm back and ready to get down to business

I can't believe I've been off of here since February.  That's pathetic.  I joined LJ with high hopes of sticking with it.  I guess I got wrapped up in life and made no time for it.  Well that's about to change.  I'm back and getting down to business.  No wonder I only have 3 friends.  Now I'm sad.  Time to get busy.

February's Gone~Woo-Hoo!

It was kind of a tough month.  Our oldest daughter came home from Tennessee for about 3 weeks.  One of her friends was diagnosed with cancer and had to have surgery.  She came home for that and the surgery was postponed due to some complications for about 2 weeks.  The surgery went well and our daughter is now back home.  We miss her not being her all the time.  It was a nice visit considering the circumstances.

This all on the heels of her best friend in Tennessee having a second bout with breast cancer.  She's only 32.  When she arrived home and was able to visit a few high school friends, she found out two of her friends children are both battling brain cancer.  It was a tough time for her.  I just pray everything goes well for all of the above. 

In the middle of that I got the flu or some crud.  MISERABLE!!  Fever, chills, aches, pains, coughing, headache, sinus crap.  It was not fun.  Lasted over a week.   Hubby got it, and got rid of it in just a few days.  He swears by Alka Seltzer.  YUCK!!  I gag thinking about taking that stuff.  But he must be right.  He got over his a lot faster than I got over mine.

The weather has sucked all winter but it was bitterly cold at the beginning of February.  Lots of snow (of course) and wind.  It has been windy all winter.  I am done with it!  At this point I don't care if I ever see another flake. 

March seems to be coming in here like a lamb.  No snow, cold temps but sunny days.  That's a plus.  Temps are suppose to rise by this weekend and be in the upper 40's to low 50's.  If it hits over 50 I will be opening the doors for a bit just to get some fresh air in the house. 

I'm ready for spring

I've become a hermit during the winter months.  The older I get the more I despise it.  The first snow is beautiful but snowfall #2 through #200 sucks.  My old bones hate the cold and I tend to stay in a lot more than I should.  Last week we had a (cruel tease) peek of spring to come with temps in the 60's.  Today our high was 25.  Valentine's Day we woke to snow and cold.  I long for spring.  I long to see the flowers pushing through the frozen ground and the warmer temps climbing and staying above freezing.  I long to be warm.  This year I'm cold from the inside out and just cannot get warm.  I got another hint of spring today when I stepped outside and watched 100's of geese flying north.  Yes!!!  It's coming and I can't wait. 

LJ Virgin

I'm new to LJ so be patient.  Well, I signed up a while back but just now getting my feet wet.  :)

Happy Valentine's Day to all.  This is probably not going to be the best ever for us.  We're getting snowed on right now.  Our daughter is home from Tennessee to visit a friend (age 38) diagnosed with cancer.  So, it's not a happy, fun visit.  Hubby just got notice that he has to work all day tomorrow.  We had planned a day trip to Madison but that's not happening now.  So, I'm staying home, keeping warm and working on some new ideas I have regarding my crafting.  That's long overdue.  I have procrastinated enough and it's time to get busy and make some much needed money.